Xbox One VS PS4 – Which is better?

Xbox One VS PS4
Which is better!?

Price (Xbox One VS PS4)

So we got the Xbox One VS PS4 battle going on today. Well lets start by going over price tags.

  • Xbox One (Standard Edition)
  • PS4

So obviously enough the PS4 comes out on top with a much lower price tag. Both consoles come with everything you need though to get started right out of the box which includes a controller, cables, and free trials to their online premium services. I’ve had more personal experience with the PS4 and I must say it is totally worth it in my opinion the Twitch streaming is a plug for me.

Technical Details

Can’t forget the bare-bones inside the beasts! These Technical Specifications charts have been copied from reliable sources, and from the looks of it both systems come pretty close to each other in all areas however with the lack of details given from Sony I can’t give the total win to the PS4. 4K Support is mentioned with the Xbox One, but not mentioned with the PS4. The PS4 however does have a faster processor, but both systems have an 8CORE AMD CPU. The RAM inside the Xbox One actually really impresses me. 8GB for a console is a lot. Running at 2133Mhz for a console is even more incredible this is actually what a gaming computer would have in it.

Feature Xbox One
Optical Drive Blu-Ray/DVD
Game DVR Yes, Upload Studio
HDCP Encryption No for games
Clock: 2133MHz Bandwidth: 68.26 GB/s
+ 32MB eSRAM
Bandwidth: 204 GB/s(102 In/102 Out)
Flash Memory 8GB Flash Memory
CPU 8 Core AMD custom CPU
Frequency: 1.75 GHz
GPU Clock Speed: 853 MHz(originally 800 MHz)
Shader Cores: 768
Peak Throughput: 1.23 TFLOPS
Storage 500 GB Hard Drive non-replaceable, External Hard Drive support coming[n]
Second Screen SmartGlass App on Android, iOS, Windows Phone and Windows 8
Cloud Storage Yes
Mandatory Game Installs Yes
Required Internet Connection After Day One patch, No
Used Game Fee No
Backwards Compatibility None, Microsoft is exploring possibilites.
Cross Game Chat Skype, Party Chat
Motion Control Kinect 2
Voice Commands Yes, Kinect 2 is needed.
Subscription Service Xbox Live
Required for Online Play
Live Streaming Yes, With Twitch.TV
Reputation Preservation Achievements will be ported From Xbox 360.
Networking Gigabit Ethernet, WiFi (A/B/G/N dual-band at 2.4ghz and 5ghz) includes WiFi Direct support.
A/V Hookups HDMI input and output (4K support)
API DirectX 11.1
Mouse and Keyboard Support Possible Support in the Future


Main processor
  • Single-chip custom processor
  • CPU: low power x86-64 AMD “Jaguar”, 8 cores
  • GPU: 1.84 TFLOPS, AMD Radeon™ Graphics Core Next engine
Memory GDDR5 8GB
Hard Disk Drive Built-in
Optical Drive (Read only)
  • BD 6xCAV
  • DVD 8xCAV
I/O Super-Speed USB (USB 3.0), AUX
  • Ethernet (10BASE-T, 100BASE-TX, 1000BASE-T)
  • IEEE 802.11 b/g/n
  • Bluetooth® 2.1 (EDR)
AV output
  • HDMI
  • Digital Output (optical)

The Verdict

So here is the Xbox One VS PS4 ending battle details. Covering price and considering features, and technical specifications I’m going to have to give victory to the PS4 whilst my opinion is weighted, and I can’t say neither system is a bad choice I do feel like the PS4 is more on top of their game.

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